A Hells Kitchen Kind Of Day

Hi All,

So today was not my favorite day.  My day was on of those

went from being peaceful and calm to planning my move to a remote island and never seeing mankind again

kind of day.


You know when one thing just pissed you off and you can see the end of the world is coming? Yeah, Hell’s Kitchen does not put up with that and neither do I.


When your broccoli of all things starts burning you have to make a new batch or take a walk until you are ready because we all know Hells Kitchen can end you at any point. Well, I’m not that harsh but I do understand exactly what opinions mean and have my own extremely strong ones. When the most valuable and dear to my heart opinions get slashed and also at the absolute wrong time, I’m sorry, there is no “fixing it”. When you would much rather scream then deal with the problem…That is what happens to me when I feel someone has ignored my life being and I do not want to even try to reason with them.


When you have lived your whole life being the “good quiet nice shy girl”, yeah you want to get mad! When all your life you have nicely talked to your family about how to make the world a better and loving place and still they don’t listen…You start to feel like your opinions do not even matter. That internal battle with your own thoughts can drive you crazy. Then you start imagining all the ways to get revenge and your brain tells you that is not legal…so you just scream! Sometimes there is just no outlet for ignorance when you know you are right. I have lived my entire life living with a person and growing up with my understanding of the world by someone who denies everything I say and tells me that I’m wrong. So, Social Justice has become who I am. Because in this way I have a voice and value. But no one wants to be seen as the “Social Justice Warrior” (the angry protester that would kill anything for justice…kind of defeats the whole point, doesn’t it?)


So yes…Sometimes when I am standing up for myself and someone comes in on the extremist political opposite side and denies all fact and evidence…It is only normal to get mad at first. Now I understand why people are out there burning cars…They live in fear and want you everyone watching and the system to FEEL it to FEEL THE PAIN TO MAKE A CHANGE.


You know what also makes change? Education. So after we’ve all had our temper tantrums…We can get back to peace.


We want to look better more respectable and accurate than the other side. But sometimes that takes a little bit of fire to get the conversation going. Once that burns out…the real conversation can start. Just don’t get carried away in the flames. Write your speech to change the minds not end the lives. Stop just listening to everyone and do your research…And tread lightly because humanity is at stake when you even bring up the word “politics”…


Especially if you take steroids every day for asthma…You have to practice innate center or else you loose it. Just call me sassy and move on.


Also…I’m a Scorpio…So that gives me both worlds the choice to enter the dark and the choice to see and hold the light. Knowing and experiencing both gives me an extreme view of the world much like that of 2 people, like the gemini.

scorpio.lunar.eclipseNo wonder I love the moon and tides…What sign are you? How do you think it changes your view of the world?



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