The Antidote To Depression

unnamed (1)Thank you my valued readers for continuing on this wellness journey with me. Today, I practiced working on my to-do list and re engaging myself in routine after days away from it. From this I encourage you to keep with your routine! The importance of doing it daily is not only to keep the habit going…But when you stop…It is like you start all over. This was my day and I hope to share my wisdom with you. I urge you to start your own gratitude journal for your mental wellness. If you feel so inclined start a wellness blog section, like I have began doing. Come with me through my journey to find the smile in every day.


What I valued about today:

The Breakdown

What I valued about today was the first spark that got me out of bed when I wanted to hide in depression from a simple nightmare. I wanted to go back to the woods…even though it was freezing…But, I came out with my own little art project I call Camp Covid 19


I went on to make huge leaps in my day that would have otherwise been filled with sleep.


The Good Stuff

I am starting to get back into the swing of things, but found it very difficult after 3 days of camping. We might have gone a little crazy speaking random thoughts within hours of silence…Here is photo evidence to prove it.


Getting back into a routine after only a few days of complete nothingness and meditation out in nature feels like a rock to the forehead.


It feels like a month of hangovers. It feels like my first day of my first job out of college…Where I puked in the office hallway from anxiety.

It feels like a reminder that we are still in quarantine. It was a much needed break, which a few ibuprofens should do the trick. After an entire day of working on my to-do list, I am proud that I did not go back to bed this morning. I can’t believe that I wrote an article this morning at 730am and then went onto writing an entire 10 pages (double-spaced) on the piece I am working on. This piece is centered around racism current events, suicide, corona and my inspiration throughout all of this. I feel like today I completed an entire month’s worth of work. Out in nature your own responsibility is to survive, find more things to talk about, create ideas without technology and work together for the same purpose. To remember the Earth that we are so thankful for…



What I am looking forward to tomorrow


Should I add my gratitude Journals to my book? I say the answer is yes…Like this if you agree.

Additional blog with inspiration and wisdom

I feel defeated when I work so hard on my personal business and do not get money from it. I am not doing it for the money but rather to express myself and spread joy across the world wide web. I am a very generous person and have often given more than I can handle, leaving little for myself. Therefore, I started these gratitude journals when I did not want to write anymore. Then, I walked away from the physical journal and transferred my single comments into these blog prompts. These prompts could possibly turn into chapters of my book…There is always a bright side. You can make your own campfire in your writing…You can still find peace and solace within your schedule.


n addition, when I read back on them, I see the words without the emotion. Try writing something deeply personal, taking a few minutes until you feel “over it” and come back and read it over. You will see it as facts rather than the dramatic chemicals that your body creates when you experience it. Then, you will see the logic to your thoughts. Doing this every day can turn into your own personal life progress. You might even realize that you want to take your cat camping…


You may start at the depths believing there is no hope or change for you…Then you do it, little by little, and one day…You realize that your friend was right camping is no fun in the rain…And you are glad to be home. Gratitude for everything will change your day and can change you into a new version of yourself.


You may just come out with a book. Much like the well known commercial, My Pillow…I’ve seen this commercial so many times…I just hope one day I too can have my own My Pillow From Crack Addict to CEO Book Published…XD



4 thoughts on “The Antidote To Depression

    1. I agree gratitude is when I see my words creating joy in others. Thank you for being a great follower Beth. I hope one of my poems inspire you. If you would like to share please do! I think all of us need mental support now more than ever…It breaks my heart to see everything that is happening around this world…And i feel it heavy today after editing a piece that I am going to publish soon. But, unlike my other pieces this one goes deep and will take me awhile to make perfect.

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