Waterfalling For Two


Dear Brandon, I’m writing the introduction to this at 1:23 now, so I’m a bit tired. I’m waiting for my video for school to finish uploading so I decided to add more to this. I’ve been scheming a project for you while you are not looking. This intro, I’m just writing now. I’ve worked on the rest for days. I hope it shows. I’ve never written a love letter for someone who’s not imaginary…So I’m not where to start.

We’ve been through Hell together…And I’m sure there’s more to come. When you remind me we are in this together, with your warm, meaningful embrace, things are o.k.

So here is a tiny poem I wrote for you yesterday.


I love you because you know when I need you the most and will always know.

Morning sun, eyes speak,

Shoulders express, Brandon knows.

Needing to survive, When I am low,

I feel alive because, Brandon knows

Lips sealed, Chapped, Where do I go?

Emotions feeled, a lovers lap, Brandon knows.


I hope all of this makes you feel good about yourself. You say your top priority is keeping me happy. Well, my top priority is for you to know your value to me and for yourself. I’m sure we mean the same thing. Mine is just more..eloquent :p

tenor (2)giphy (1)


SO, this is officially your first birthday present from me! I am the first person to give you the present and have others already enjoying it before you wake up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My favorite thing about you this year has been how much you have done for others! You are a giver and I am proud of you for such kindness!

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This is my poem for your birthday called WaterFalling For Two. It’s weird, I wrote this a few days before you even mentioned camping by the river…And drew this image of me and you walking down a trail at Mt.Rainier…coincidences



WaterFalling For Two



My place

Cascading Falls, Fearless, Freedom

delighted heart in glistening eyes

Mossy Toes

reminders of Peace, Pace

b and c

Generous partner

Spirit leaves of enlightenment

Spiritual expansion, Extension, Evanescent Energy

Alan Watts in Owl homes

dancing duets, wood echolocating a tweet, twinkle, tantalizing track


My place

Who are you searching for

interconnected airs


Our pace

Rock formations of mistakes

love reflection lake

Destroyer of erros

seeping positivity Roots, Rushing Ravenous Rivers


Our trail

It’s behind you

Life in eyes reach

Hallowed Oak Friend, Family

ascension identity

b and c2

Goon grinners

We meet again

forgotten bark tree ring fingerprints

Who have you seen?

wanderers of wisdom Speak, Seduce


This place

Take my palm as we Discuss, Digress, Decided

The giving branches of our Future

home-made films and

The road Ahead, Ascend

tenor (1)

Gratitude of nature’s Glory, Giving, Gracious and Grateful

our love song


Waterfalling With Two

I love you

source (1)

our future awaits…In the river beside us

source (2)

Hoping…It will become a Waterfall For Two.

❤ Caeli




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