Christianity Qualms: Good vs. Evil..Satan, Hell and Sin & more

Being a spiritual rather than devoted religious person, I’ve always had a “sixth sense” and intuition. My gut feeling has told me there is something more and possibly dark. There is also more, something spectacular 9f6376de5bbc4c891b3cc96581ca6c6bthat I don’t put in complete science. Mental illness is definitely what I would call “a Satanic force”. If you have ever lived in the prison of your own mind, you will comprehend the idea of a living Hell.

Could this be what the bible explains as Hell…?


The discussion on God needs to expand. I believe that God put us on this earth, whatever religion you take or do not take part in, has the same source, God.

I believe Jesus is most likely real, he died for our sins and he probably resurrected. I talk to God throughout the day and strive to be a good human with moral and ethical decisions. I choose to believe there is a positive energy source in this world which I let lead my day. I call this “the pull”, “the motivation” “the love”.


The reason why there are so many different religions is because there are so many cultures. All coming from the same source, the energy source of God, which lives in all of us.

It is that feeling in your chest to keep going when you are at your deepest. It is when you feel like dying…It comes in and reminds you to live. Like a loving mother or friend who reminds you how much you have done and will keep doing.

When you feel like hurting yourself, when the “satanic” self-harming thoughts enter your mind, which religion calls “satan”, God swoops in and tells you to keep going “there is a purpose”.


If you start to believe in those dark thoughts that’s when your mind is taken over by “evil”,. In this state, reality and rationality disintegrates. You begin living a dark, horrible, mischievous, arrogant and so forth “bad” kind of life, which Christians call “Satan”.17198633

I agree that there’s a possibility of Satan being real…I’ve felt that dark terrorizing fear and pain that cannot even be explained by a horror movie. The evil energies that overtake your mind and life. There are also many rational explanations for evil, which are based on psychology and logic.

giphyThoughts and ethics of what is good vs.bad? What brings you joy, “heaven”, vs. what hinders you, “hell”?We all should know by know what the ethical decision is given 2 choices. How can we possibly know what to choose?

Well, that decision was written as the story of adam and eve. Representing how when temptation is provided, humans are made of sin, so will usually go for the apple. The apple is part of God’s plan to give humans choice. Yet, he created satan and he created the apple.giphy

Why did God even create Satan…”wrong” in the first place? The idea goes that the best way to come to the truth, “the good”, is to go through the bad and to learn from these mistakes, to see the pearly white gates ahead of us. In other words, we must see the dark to find the light. In addition, we always have the choice to do things that are wrong or things that are right.

So, God created Satan so that we can learn the purpose of choice and see that good things have reason and so that we don’t search for the bad.

That seems a little satanic if you ask me…Is God hanging out with Satan more often than He should?

If you wanted a perfect life for your child, you would only want the best for them.

tenorBut, you would want them to be able to make their own decisions as well. You are their teacher as their parent where as God is the “father”. But much like how parents must leave their children for school, God cannot be dictating your every move either. Therefore, the only manageable situation for the billions of children He has is to give them the ability to choose for themselves.

Alright, that makes sense. Some fundamental evangelical Christians swear that this story actually occurred. That is another story, which I do not agree with since I believe most things in the Bible are metaphors for greater messages in life…I will not go further into at this point in time. Another time.

Much like when your child sneaks out at night, you may ground them for a day. This is like how God may get mad when you go into “sin” sucShockingFlatBrocketdeer-smallh as hurting someone’s feelings, or doing something that you know you shouldn’t. If you were the child who did not apologize for your wrongdoings, you might not get out of grounding, or “hell” for awhile, or until the parent comes and gets mad, or God, “smites” you in some horrible experience. Then, you learn the good thing to do by experiencing how horrible doing the wrong made you feel.

Well, when you are an orphan, or you don’t “go to God”, will you still learn these things? I’d say yes, because this is all called ethics. You can live a good life and not be constantly worried that when you die you will go to Hell. That is pretty extreme, for your parent to say, if you get too many D’s, when you die, I will lock your soul and body in the bunker to rot for eternityspellman, while I let the bad parent satan poke and humiliate your soul so you remember how much you regret life. That sounds not like God at all. If God has absolute power, then he would go down and tell Satan to bud off. Plus the bible was written when children were slaves to their family…so there’s that.

What makes much more sense is that you do your best in life, whatever religion, you are accepted for yotenorur growth and when you die you go to “God”, the eternal or the collective energy. This is where no matter where you are in life, you are shown a path to enlightenment that teaches you how to get there. Much like life. That is what life seems to be, living in a “hell” where you don’t always get what you want, and are tortured along the way for your wrongdoings. But, once you pass why should you be tortured for the things you did wrong? No matter what they were, God should be all powerful and all forgiving and continue showing you “the way”.

Also, he won’t say if you don’t believe in me then, off to hell for you!

How are all these people across the world spreading so much joy and spiritual love from other religions if God is only for Americans? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and makes absolutely no sense which is why I have qualms about Christianity.

b42dec68aaafecc1fcc41bab7659335ereligion and God are not a person, a thing, a physical reality. God and religion to me teaches you greater messages and morals to live life by. In order to make sense of a world that did not have the same structure and intellectual concepts that we have expanded our minds of today.

People say well yes, the bible was written long ago…but it’s the perspective of certain pastors that change the true meaning of the bible today. But the bible still says what it says. So, if it can be taken in such a way that hurts society then why isn’t it updated? You DO know we have the internet right? You can google all that in a minute. So, just write a book that shows the ORIGINAL and true meaning of the bible…that takes out all the illogical things…like STOP THROWING STONES AT YOUR WIFE JOE.

Is there really a Hell after life?

When we die will we go to levels of existence towards enlightenment?

Who will have the guts to re-write the bible for the reality that is the 21st century?

Is life the real Hell? It sure can seem like it sometimes…






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