Saturday snuggle The Foods Calls Poem

Snoring angel by my side

Purring companion taking my warmth

I can’t resist just one pet

Then his leg moves

I better jet!

But he wants me still

How can that be

When it’s noon

And I’m so hungry!

He says it’s comfort

And I think it’s cute

Just another minute

Then I’m making food

How could he starve me

16 hours of fasting

16 hours of dehydration

16 hours is enough!

The kitchen calls my name

Caeli we need you

Come cook us into a crisp

And devour us whole

If it’s sustenance you want

Then we’ve got them all!

Berries, pancakes, and a little protien

You will thank us for energy

And that we set you free

From slumber

Come take a seat

Let’s Eat!

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