I’m Glad I’m Alive

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Chapter 2 of my new book covers my experience growing up. Navigation through learning issues family mental illness and obesity. One thing I despised exercise changed my mental state and stops me from going back to that dark place every day. Exercise stops me from being irrational and impulsive. Exercise reminds me why I’m happy and all the hard work I’ve put into my life. Exercise now reminds me to keep living to see more changes. Please view chapter 2 down below and share on your page. I’m writing this book to spread the message of mental awareness so that others will connect with my story. That is how I started to grow and I want to share my life and learning with you.

Caeli’s Book Chapter 2: Exercise Saved My Life

— Read on caeliswords.com/2020/05/25/caelis-book-chapter-2weight-growing-up/

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