Poem Prompts

  • Poems of Nature Sounds
  • 372
  • crickets chirp birds sing mother listens-by Brandon Muller
  • the light rain patter patters up-Caeli McKamey
  • frogs write a lullaby for you-Caeli MCKamey
  • ocean depths echo stillness of deep-by Brandon Muller
  • https://caeliswords.com/
  • https://brandonswisdom.com/
  • Planets
  • photo-1515705576963-95cad62945b6
  • Orbiting dimensions milky way life questioners-Caeli McKamey
  • unknown expanding universe birth of planets-by Brandon Muller
  • Evolution-al souls skating scientists unexpected passengers-Caeil McKamey
  • Spiral galaxies intertwine cluster of devower-Brandon Muller
  • https://caeliswords.com/
  • https://brandonswisdom.com/
  • I’m On My Period
  • istockphoto-672314280-170667a
  • Doesn’t comprehend organs life giving power-Caeli McKamey
  • gushing red flow make it stop-by Brandon Muller
  • vampire vagina devowers my insides-Caeli McKamey
  • begins at 15 ends at 50-by Brandon Muller
  • https://caeliswords.com/
  • https://brandonswisdom.com/
  • Rocks
  • 0e588de4b5c8db308a7775461007a72a
  • Boulders won’t move my mountains anymore-Caeli McKamey
  • You’ve been here since the beginning-by Brandon Muller
  • stalactites another galaxy protects your innocence-Caeli Mckamey
  • sits atop grave of my cat-by Brandon Muller
  • https://caeliswords.com/
  • https://brandonswisdom.com/
  • Mothers
  • mothers-and-children03
  • Love hate em’ you’re their baby-by Caeli McKamey
  • bountiful reservoir of giving fierce love-by Brandon Muller
  • don’t shove me out the door-Caeli McKamey
  • for secure attachment latch the nipple-Brandon Muller
  • https://caeliswords.com/
  • https://brandonswisdom.com/

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