It’s Okay to Not Be Okay


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Why do you keep fighting with your mental health for having real emotions? It is okay to take a day off from the routine of not having a routine.

If you take a break…the timer stops there. tenor

When you get stuck, that feeling is telling

A change is needed!

You’re allowed to want things to be different, that is valid! Not everyone will understand.

That’s when we take the mystery out of what if’s and just start doing.

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It’s completely acceptable to not feel accepted…As ironic as that sounds. To feel rejected and grief that emotion helps you reflect upon it.

If I experienced what you did, how do you know I wouldn’t have similar problems? What about all the people that you wish you were? Don’t abuse yourself and just remember we all were once this small and there are others who are as well.

Look in the child’s eyes and you will see how precious life really is

and so is yours.


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