Only Do What Serves You

You only want him when he’s in your bed? Don’t you realize that you have family that loves you? If you keeping looking for love in purchases and long drives at night you will miss the opportunity for connection. You have to start using your energy only on those who will be next to you even when you cannot afford a bed. You need someone who can look you in the eyes and say I see you and for you to respond with I am here.

Vulnerability feels like pulling apart pieces of glass from your skin. It digs deep into you when others open your wounds. Those shards of glass will be pushed deeper into your skin unless you let go of the glass. Look at the reflection, drenched with your own blood and see you, dripping and in pieces. When you can see yourself for who you are and say, that’s my reflection, then you can start to unravel that piece of glass to find the window it came from. When you see the bigger picture, you can see reflections for miles and wave at the neighbors as they pass.

That’s what I call a self-empathy exploration. Get lost on a trail sometime and you will see what I mean. Once you find your car again you kiss the ground in survival, and feel proud that you made it over the mountain and back to the safety of your own bed. If you’re on a couch tonight, I hope you don’t take up too much space from your partner or if you’re on your own just get a Snuggie.

This has been a Caeli Episode.

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