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Your Blogging Tour Guide for May 20th, 2020
Caeli McKamey
Wed, May 20, 2020.

99138472_290436001991979_8975338749252599808_nBrandon’s blog is not only substantial because of his enlightening and thought-provoking articles on philosophy and mental health…But also because of his captivating enlightenment story.

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to learn from his knowledge-seeking perspective. A short read will

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and spark your mental creativity.

Who’s This Brandon Guy?



Brandon is a Mental Health Therapist in the good-ol’ Pacific Northwest who is tackling his belief systems of what is right and just.  #MentalHealthMatters

Much like me, he is searching for hope and showing others how to find it.


Unlike me, he has a Bachelor’s in English which makes his blog writing consistently sophisticated and educational.

But, I’ve also got a
degree…so honestly it might just be he has more patience to create complex articles.


What’s Brandonswisdom all about?


His blog is centered around ethical and theological discussions



wise mind


  • Greek Root-Psyche-Mind-Soul
  • Latin Root-Logia-Study


Pyschology (The study of the interconnection between the psyche, mind and soul)

In other words, use your Wise Mind NOT your Monkey Mind



Quote From An ENFJ Gemini OX

“What if instead we could just let it go? This comes from creating the head state of wise mind, the synthesis between emotion mind and reasonable mind”

The Burning Coals Within Us






  • Greek-Philo-Love
  • Greek-Sophos-Wisdom

Philosophy (The love of wisdom)

This is what I call “The Search”

Quote From An ENFJ Gemini OX

“Choices reflect our commitments.

In the end, the choices we make

       are what we were ultimately committed to doing.



This is always the case; no matter what we tell ourselves or others,

we would have chosen a different course of action

had we actually been committed to what we claim we were”


The Power of Choice

Keep Reading...After this section
Part 2 will have
More Juicy Details below on His AfterLife Story
and ending with How I Know Brandon...

Religion (Religens)


  • Relegere-go through again in reading or thought
  • religiens-careful-particular system of faith

c.1300 sense of recognition of and allegiance in manner of life

c.1500 to a higher unseen power or powers



Religion-Reading and thinking about a system of faith which shows you how to make your manner of life
be known through the sense of recognition of and allegiance to a higher unseen power(s).
This where he dives into the age old question that we all want to know…

Who is God? And Will We Ever Really Know?


Quote From An ENFJ Gemini Ox

giphy-downsized-large“Throughout my childhood I struggled with the idea my mom would be taken away from me forever and the notion that a loving God could condemn anyone to hell for eternity, much less for the sole crime of not being able to force their minds to believe something that doesn’t make sense to them or that fits with their life experiences”-

Brandon’s About Me


Spirituality (Spiritulite)

Spiritualis-Breathe, breathing, wind, air, spirit

Spiritus-Breathing, or the spirit

Spirituality-The breathing of the wind and air, or possibly the spirit

 A Quote From an ENFJ Gemini Ox

“It’s never too late to change course. We might think our circumstances compel us to follow some unchangeable path but


as Ralph Waldo Emerson astutely observes, we have choice in our self defining actions”.-The People We Decide to Be




At age 13 he had the same energetic and motivated spirit which we connect on.
What set him out from the crowd and what still does is his insatiable and competitive drive for success.

He was on his way to Hollywood as a soulful Saxophone player


and actor. You can Google his IMDB page.


At the peak of his youthful career, he survived a Traumatic Brain Injury leaving his left side partially paralyzed. Here is an excerpt from his book,

“The helicopter lifted off, accelerating rapidly and soaring
swiftly toward Harborview Medical Center. Me, the
Scarecrow, surreally metaphorized in real life, skipping
down the yellow bricked path in the sky to see the wizard
in Seattle, the Emerald City”. View his autobiography here

But, Brandon continues his passions. Fortunately, he has a brother, Travis. They have both been there for each other through their journey.

217205_503067597164_5184_n                          1936307_511747273024_4164269_n              Can’t get enough of that Brandon smile XD                                              Aww, family memories…Isn’t the heat so nice?…..

Travis is a film-type guy and they made a 3 minute Lip Sync where Brandon plays The Dude and Travis plays The Big Lebowski.

Screenshot_2020-05-20 The Dude Meets The Big Lebowski Lip Sync


If you would like you can view here, The Dude Meets the Big Lebowski Lip Sync




When he had his injury he went through an afterlife experience which opened new doors of wisdom that brought him back to life. He has kindly brought that wisdom to his blog to share with us. We are extra lucky to have him as part of our writing community.

Quote From an ENFJ Gemini Ox


“While in the gateway to the afterlife I knew things.
Things I knew then that I knew I would remember later and could share to equip you with perspective to help you enjoy and improve both life and our world. I will share them now”-Brandon’s Book Excerpt Part 4

Impressive, honorable and refined are the words I would use to describe his mind, like a red wine.This ensures his counseling comes from his genuine and compassionate nature.

How Do I Know All of This?

Other than the fact that I’m a fantastic writer, I am also his girlfriend.


Tada! Surprise revealed! Back when I had pink and blonde hair…

I am the start of his success because I showed him how to blog and gave him the motivation to do it! Does that mean I can get part of his success? You tell me. You can find me at

95452992_10219920569717433_1393777790188257280_n We have so many cats that they end up in the laundry basket.





And so many cats that they end up with an Instagram page…Follow us @caturday6 for some cute photos of our cats doing their normal and usual weird things. They LOVE to hide in the kitchen cupboards! :O XD

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Well…That’s all folks…


You can find me at for more great articles and some beautiful poetry with artistic creations.

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