You Are Not Your Past



We keep beating ourselves up for things that aren’t even happening anymore. Our brain thinks that since we have an “unsolved” memory that there is still something to be done. Your heart is weak from your own self-abuse so you think that you ARE your past. You’ve decided to just put up with it or give up trying because you see yourself as broken and the rest of the world as happy. Well, I’m here to tell you that is not true. You experienced the hurt of your past but it does not make up your whole.

time to forgive yourself

It’s time to dive into yourself and remember what has helped you stand here today, reading this blog. What things have helped you get to where you are? Even if you are laying in bed you are still breathing. There is always something positive in the world. Even be grateful that the sun is out. That will feel strange at first but the more things you find to be grateful for the more you will see that your life is much better than you perceive.


Imagine a day where you open the book of your hurt and speak to it. Speak to those in your past and re-create your own memory. Tell the person that you are still holding onto that they are gone and you are better for the place you are now. Tell yourself that you are stronger because you made it through. You did all the hard work of experiencing that pain and you have made it to this day. No life comes without downs. You just have to remember where you are going. Tell your thoughts, it is time for me.

She is a roller coaster, but she always comes out on top.


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