Let’s Be Better Humans


“Helpers high” is enough reason to do something good for others. If not just to be nice do it to feel better! After doing so the feeling of being nice becomes a habit and you actually feel and appreciate the helpers high much more.

Kindness is a chemical that you can measure. Take out your beaker and experiment with gratitude.


Caeli McKamey

What is something kind you did today? Post below!

If you need a little boost here are some ideas:
  1. What motivates you?
  2. What holds you back from giving to others and yourself?
  3. When was the last time you made yourself a priority?
  4. Describe the fear behind your anger
  5. Are your attachments in healthy places?
  6. Are your thoughts as kind as you are to others?
  7. What things do you do DELIBERATELY each day to preserve your own life force?
  8. What if you practiced demystifying the what-ifs? Once you look at them like a photo of your memory, you see things you didn’t notice before.


What can make you a more conscious and loving human?

Share with our online community in the comments below to help others 
find new ways of change. Community is the start of that "helpers high".
Connect with others and do one nice thing today (#followforfollow? :D)

-Caeli McKamey


2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Better Humans

  1. I’ve noticed, especially during these uncertain times, that many people have chosen to go out of their way to be helpers to those in need. It costs nothing to simply be kind. Thanks for sharing this!

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