Take Me to the Moon

The moons tells me stories of the planets dancing while we sleep

The darkness that lets the black water shine

The frogs that play the bango for you

Keeping you company on the sand

Taking time to let yourself be free can answer many of your questions. I can’t tell you where to find your happy cup of coffee. But I can tell you that I’ve seen others go from a state of barren wastelands of lack of energy and self love that when someone compliments them they take offense. How could someone actually be good to me?

Adopt a puppy and you can see how hard anxiety takes over. If you can take that pup under the moon would you show it how to howl? Helping others can show you how to be free. Knowing you will protect eachother from the crackling in the bushes and the owls lurking the treetops. We are all here together.

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