I’m Not a Love Expert, Are You?

crazy ex girlfriend

Love can be pretty fucked up as you probably know. That is half of the world of poetry. Bank accounts go under from gifts for each-other. Persuaded by his sweet talk or her dress, you pray to god you won’t stain your shirt at dinner again. Smiling and gleaming eyes, you’re bunnies in love. BAM! Others strutting their stuff are not meaningful to you anymore. Devotion is tattooed on your forehead. They could drag you across the world and you’d said “sure”, until you realize you’re lost in the Bermuda Triangle.


This is how beginnings of many relationship start. Getting roped into a whirlwind of emotions. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you write S.O.S. in the sand.

Some people base the lover stage as the sole purpose of their relationship. If you’ve been around the track a few times, then you have probably jogged enough of this sweaty love out of your system to know there is more. If you use the attraction stage to say, “let’s get married”, after your honeymoon, you might be served debate papers. If you do get luck what then? If you’ve only experienced exterior love you might not see the deeper side to things. Frodo only works when there is a Sam involved.


It’s a strange feeling to begin living with someone and change stages into best friends and almost weirdly family. Magical powers start to appear ringing you into their powers of attachment. Basically, you will do almost anything for them…Like cleaning the litter boxes. Mutual agreements annoy both of you and keep you in check at the same time. Loud voices do not necessarily mean either of you are actually upset.


Relationships are times to ingrain responsibility and communication. If you sit around all your life because you’re not the “commitment” type of person, you will start to see everyone else around you with a person attached to their hip. If you do move in with that person, it might be a great time to learn who you are and how both of you can be better people, together. If it does not work out that way, then you know what qualities NOT to look for. Either way, what’s the worst that can happen?


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