Richard A Martin

Reading other’s poetry is such a nice way to see in the mind of another person. I always wonder why people do the things that they do. I have been following this poet for awhile now and recently connected with him on LinkedIn. I would like to take a few minutes to give him a shout out.

Welcome Richard Martin! He has been a poetry blogger on his website Advances in Mentoring for 23 years!

richard martin

That is a long time! You can view his blog here


Props to Richard for keeping up the work! I have been writing poetry since age 16, but only recently started this blog. He describes his writing as…


“Poetry about stigmatization and marginalization designed to express wellness, overcoming and healing”-Richard Martin.

That is a beautifully described sentence. In addition, reading his poetry gives me a deeper understanding of the meaning behind his words. Richard writes on life events, nature, boats, discusses ethical issues and is honest about how he experiences life. One of his poems describes how he experienced a wedding. Me simply telling you that only gives you the facts. But, when you read his words it makes you feel as if you are sitting in his tux, a part of the experience. He adds photos from his real life that help you put the puzzle together. I like reading the poem and then clarifying my image of his words with the actual picture. So, I will put the picture at the bottom of the poem so you can get a true feel for his words.

“They Said Wonderful Things

But…that mewling, pink, naked person
That I was the first to hold
Was always someone I would have taken a bullet for.

Despite my ineffectiveness
He’d grown into a fine man
With talent and a spirit of fire.

There were many remembrances that I heard
In other tongues than my own
But bearing resemblances to my own experiences.”

-Richard Martin

Capture View the full poem here

Richard has a BA in Medicine from The University of Missouri and has been a clinician for 32 years! In addition, he has been an educator for the past 5 years. This guy has a long history of working hard for sure. That means there is an experiential quality to his writing that you may not necessarily see in someone just starting out.

You can see that even more clearly in this poem of his below.

“from Hope,

“Culminated in a cacophony of grace
Abundantly poured out
Flowing like honey

Into every crack…”

-Richard Martin

hope View the full poem here,

That is it for now! Have a good day all,






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