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We are so dorky. But that keeps us We are pretty cute. And our glasses match.

My boyfriend just started his blog about philosophy and psychology and various subjects. He is a very clever and intelligent writer. He has a Masters Degree from UPS in WA state. You would have your mind taken on a questioning and reflective journey. He will make you re think your beliefs because well that is what he does. That is what can change our future for all of society. It starts in the little things. And he went to Evergreen College with me so I know he is good company.

This is what he has to say about his writing and a great write that he did today.

I’ve finally started my own blog

please follow me, I will be writing about a lot of different topics and posting little bits of my self considered wisdom daily.

Here’s my first bit: Head to my blog to read today’s post!

Wisdom for the day:

Here we go. Always put something on your agenda for tomorrow you can look forward to. This can help you feel more optimistic about your situation even amidst hardships because having one small thing to look forward to can mean the difference between lingering and sinking into depression by ruminating about everything that’s wrong and broken in your life you can use intention to shift your attention instead to what you look forward to and focus on that.

“Happiness is not ready made.” -Dalai Lama.

This quote means to me we create our own happiness; it has to be authentically engineered inside our hearts, minds, and souls and is ultimately a choice. Hell is a state of mind that someone can be helped out of if they choose they want to be. A pauper can live experiencing true happiness and contentedness while a prince may live in a in a state of hell. It seems commonly people associate wealth and status with things like happiness and joy, as if that job, that promotion, that house, that car, that new phone will somehow allow you to finally enjoy your life and experience happiness. To say that struggling with mental unwellness, poverty, or lacking access to basic means of survival like not having a place to live makes accessing positive states of mind much more difficult is an enormous understatement but if you seize the power of commitment, I believe it can be achieved.

Ok I’ll post today’s wisdom for the day as well in attempt to further inspire you to follow Brandons Wisdom.

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way” -Babe Ruth

If you try at something you have the possibility of succeeding; if you are persistent you have an even greater chance of success. If you let your fear of failure or of something else stop you from trying you have no possibility of succeeding. You will likely create a self fulfilling prophecy where you can justify and make excuses for not trying by telling yourself if you try you will fail so even if you eventually do, unless you shift your choice of mind state by choosing to believe in your chance of success you are likely to fail and then will be able to to use your failure to justify not trying in the future. Commit to trying and being persistent and risk your comfort in complacency to lay the stepping stones that will illuminate your path to success. As you do, begin to walk down the path you blaze.

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