Let me out

Don’t create your own hell

Don’t live in an infinity of suffering

Of your own doing

Find an escape

Let me out

Let me out

Let me out of this hell

We live in

This can’t be the end

Where dragons run

In the mist

under the sun

Comes the abyss

The deepest corners

Of the mind

Will make you

Go blind

Travel to the streets

And talk you into

Life changes

Everyone you meet

Has a bias

Let me escape

This place

Let me be free

Is that the case

want control

So bring it to me


Let me

be free

And escape

Bring the waters

Bring the wine

Is this afterlife

All we desire

Find the center

Of after the now

And stay in that place

Where you wear the crown

Let me be free

Get me out of this fire

Burning benaeth

Take me higher

The sky is coming

For me

The sky will

Help me

Be free

Reach through the hounds of hell

And pull out your beating heart

Bleeding your wings arise

Bones crash under your back

And wings arise

Through the fire

Into the sky

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