Saying Hello to the World


the way she turned her head in the sunlight, it almost seemed as if the light would singe each strand upon her head. she was an angel, in human eyes, lighter then a feather. her feet would cast a ray of color upon every step, expelling pure energy into the earth. whenever she feared the worst, a door would open, and in would come a guide to bring her back to the present. she did not know of what would come in the next minute, but took every breathe as a reminder that she was alive. she had made it through every possible unseemly circumstance, and made it right here to this moment. she had skipped under ladders, made creations out of broken mirrors, and cuddled every black cat that passed her way. the black lace slippers that tugged upon her toes wore away so that the earth would say hello for a moment. she still wore them until her feet were cold, and used the fabric for another one of her creations. she decided that cutting her hair, and trimming her bangs would bring about a change that would rock her universe, yet all she had to follow was a feeling. but that feeling is what kept her living, and the occasional black cat to greet.

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