Give me a Job


we regret to inform you
although it was a difficult decision
you seem like a fool
for choosing this mission

they always want more
to be qualified
to wash their floors
you must be applied

I will comb your cat
or shine your spoons
pick out a new hat
or blow up balloons

I’ll wash your pigs
or kill your spiders
I’ll braid your wigs
or turn on your lighter

I’ll sow your scarf
or turn your clocks
pick up your darts
or show you how to rock

I’ll fold your napkins
into beautiful swans
I’ll buy you new linens
or mow your new lawn

I’ll untangle your wires
or turn off your alarm
I’ll replace your tires
and then sleep in your barn

I’ll paint your walls

into a beautiful murals

take you to niagra falls

and show you a squirrel


i just want the best

to pay them the least

your silly degree

means nothing

to me


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