A man named fortune

Shook my hand with a gold ring

Sweat money

Money is love

Happiness security luxury

Poverty is starvation fight stay alive

A man named love

Sook my hand with genuinity

Sweat his heart

Love things die happy

An empty void craving truth

True love?

Is it a way to spend your life

Or spend your life for it

Can you define love until its captured you

Can you love and have it be defined

Can you hope and never let it happen

Or move and always wish for more

Content with settling for a smile

When words are distant and invisible

Content with a mind that winds as a clock

Lost without a heart to hold

If you search too hard will you be stuck in a different future

But if you stand still will you find anything at all

If you look inside your own reflection

You can begin to accept the love of who you are

If you can love yourself

That dosent mean you can love others

Discover yourself

And you can grow with those who wish to find a new path

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