A Day at Work

Typing fingers hold back greif backspace it lingers to past beliefs   Answering phones flashbacks subside feel it in my bones a smile, i override   We say our goodbyes whirlwind of repression A smile of disguise a secret depression   Freeway traffic past in the passenger seat Still photographic slam on the concrete.   [...]

A Walk in the Park

Sun kisses the mist morning tai chi Those who I've missed wave from the sky   Nature awakening bringing hope from the trees Thoughts enlightening bringing hope from the breeze   Forehead sweat beating fast sweatshirt and flip flops. Wind brings a blast morning mist drops.   Forest guidance, oh elder a natural compass Landscape [...]

The Wind

Cacophony of howls Swift upon the air Whirling of knocking doors It is quite aware   Blasting xylophones rattle in dissonance. Spines are chilling listeners.   Chimney thrashing shrieking in fear. Even the logs Want to dissapear.   What is that sound that has crept Waiting right at your doorstep?   -Caeli McKamey     [...]