She’s a Woman


Shes a woman who drinks her coffee black

and reads pages from philosophy

She paints her fingernails red

so that she remembers her strength.


Shes a woman who could make you fall

just with one single look.

She owns the company of herself

and controls what direction she goes.


They call her dark, harsh and unkind

because she’s outspoken and direct

But the ladder continues to climb

and godzilla is not meant to be tamed.


She’s a woman who knows her worth.

-Caeli McKamey



3 thoughts on “She’s a Woman

    1. I feel like art is a part of evolution. It shows advanced intelligence in the entire human race. It is a language that we can all speak. It is part of us because creativity is what makes us human, it allows us to have passion. If you think about it, all things are art; love, relationships, conversations. As humans we require connection for our survival, and art is like a dance that we play every day. Our very pattern of thinking includes creativity. Our thoughts are artistic, our imagination sets us apart from other animals. Art is seen in animals but not to the level of which we as humans have needed in order to continue evolving, finding new technologies and advancing society.


      1. I love what you said about creativity! That ” it is what makes us human” –and how basically everything that makes life meaningful to us “love, relationships, conversations” are a form of art. That is beautiful. I think that is so true.

        I agree–I think it is definitely our creativity and connectivity–the ability to communicate both emotionally and with language– that sets us apart from other animals. And its what makes me believe we were creat-ed, because we are mindful, creative and caring creatures. I think it is illogical to conclude that random and mindless forces with not bit of concern for beauty accidentally produced mindful, creative creatures who love beauty.

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