Darker Forests


A day hasn’t passed that I have not forgotten you. You still seem closer than a dream. A fading ghost that follows my path. No matter the place, you are there.

Endearing as this may seem, the past was not your friend. The past was a wolf in the woods, waiting for it’s moment. From the darkness, you have become that creature of the night. Yet, you still are hiding in someone else’s skin. Are you not ashamed of what you have become? No more than a beggar, a thief, waiting for the world to begin.

Well, my stranger, I must tell you the woods are not as dark as you may be. Shall cement surround your body when you least expect it, I hope you have an escape route. I hope that you know your escape can be one not of desperation, but of redemption from yourself.

You are not the person you have become. While you control the now, you do not control the past. Choose to control today, and you will see a brighter tomorrow.

I may still venture into the woods at night.

But, the next time I do, I hope to not see you there.

May you find your wooden path.

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