Creativity Doesn’t Wait



Where did you come from?, You beat at my door at 4am, Don’t you know what boundaries are for?

I just have an idea, A small little inkling, It might change your galleria, In his eyes I saw a twinkling.

“Creativity doesn’t work for the perfect moment. It fashions it’s own perfect moments out of ordinary ones” by Bruce Garrabarandt.

And you say 4am is a perfect moment, what other greatness do you have for bestowment?

He ruffled my hair, larger than a birds nest, perched as he didn’t care, I just wanted some rest.

“Perfection is shallow, unreal, and fatally uninteresting” Anne Lamott.

You are full of opinions aren’t you,

Oh, you’ve heard of me?

And with that I put my paintbrush away, I think I’m hearing things, next my toaster will start doing the ballet.




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