Sky Speaks



Lampshade of honey

Dripping from regret

Time is money

If you play the clock’s croquet



Sunset of purple plum

Waiting in anticipation

Ticking ways succumb

Impending night causation



Sky filled with life

You mock me with your eternal

Shall your clouds be our knife

When all that’s left is internal


Color explosion

Popping full of pollution

Waters molded erosion

Forces a desperate solution



The color pink

Was love’s heart open

Now faded the sky’s ice rink

Your colors are slowly frozen



When time catches up to the now

The present will hide in a sweater of moths

Fluttering for life, when the inedible is smiling


A hole in the center 

Cannot be healed by even more cover


As the sun sets, a watercolor

Bring it back to earth, the life scholar. 

@ Camile McGregor

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