Brave from the Inside


Dating back

to roman times

flowers pedals

were a sign


life was more

than just sublime

a space to hold

when you needed time


She meant to dance

when she would speak

She meant to walk

when she would sleep


She meant to scream

when she would tip-toe

She meant to type

when she would just know


She meant to grow 

though her roots digged

Into a ground 

Made of bricks


world was too large

Above shaded ensembles  

her thorns were fragile

they saw her strong


 Her steam swayed;Wishing, 

Seeping lavender scent

That her day would come

Each color in the sun glistening

At this ticking hour

Were they really listening?

That she was but a flower

And bravery she was whispering


@ Camile McGregor


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