Good Morning

    The pews of memories reminds you to forget yourself Listen to the soul filming documentary Showing you the picture of true love that you can fortell   You are never too old to change Even if your heart tells you so Today you start the compassion exchange Lifting you to a higher place within [...]

Science of Music

You can even ask your Alex a or Google home to play "TIm McKamey!" I just asked my Alexa to play Tim McKamey and my father is now in my apartment through the speakers!!! It was so cool!!! "Now that your heart has been broken, Now that the devil has spoken Reach down inside [...]

Community Invite

Don't you feel like we need a community? Community is essential in order to continue your writing and art creations. I feel like already you guys have supported me alot in such a short amount of time. I feel excited to be part of this new wordpress trend. But, to me art is more than [...]

The Room

  A short story-like experiment of science fiction and the brain.   In the black of night, a light blinds my eyes to a pulp. Liquid begins dripping from the walls. An explosion of emotional screams beating as a heart. My mind is speaking in tongues. Transfixed, the liquid becomes a soul. Mine, I see [...]


Commitment means trust Trust means loss  Safety Can you let go?   Walk with security Warmth of money Heart cold as snow Love, she didn't know Communication means care Listening means real Can you let yourself Hear?   Past distanced love Romance of tasks Duties of scheduling time To continue the routine of Distance   [...]