Loves’ Second Chances

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A year older

none the wiser

quotes the greats

hidden behind scotch

and a glass vase


Dim light


of two hands

ready to crack

what might

miles stretched bodies


Can you put the pieces


of shattered glass

when the vase

Never stood 

to begin

Have some class


But Once a memory 

And now you’re here

Fixed in a glass case

of time, the same

heart, same face


Roses filled my room

But my vase

Was not the only one

to be filled


We know what did

Change has grown

into a flower made of thorns

Where you polinated

every pedal  

not grounded by our roots

not adorned


where lies

were a sensual play

a scene on stage

a fetish of trust

a delay


Our energies 

tear at this room

While we feel

we still remember, 

what was 



Poke and prode

But the silence

Will fill this room

Until your thoughts

Can no longer hide

No longer assume


celebrated face

drifting out of reach

those balloons filled

with hot air

were squeezed out

by your fire, 




Speak up now, 

or forever hold your truth, 

What will be

Take a step forward, 

and see


@ Camile McGregor


Lover’s False Expectations Analysis:

I hoped you like my poem,

This was a writing idea I came up with

To write from a different perspective, a different life

I chose to write from a woman who has been separated from her partner, and is wondering if she will get back with him, after his affair.

Trust is always the foundation of relationships, but when people’s life experiences get mixed in, things get complicated.

It hurts to see false expectations

and devoted time crushed by others choices. I can relate to that in the way of emotional affairs, of being distant, and making excuses to avoid conversations.

The root of it all is not being direct about your wants and needs, and following through on the other end as well.

You must be direct about your wants and needs and have the other side follow through as well. 

But, when someone comes around again, how will you really know things would work out? I don’t think that is for anyone to decide. But, I think that is up to you, and what you feel is right. Ask yourself

Do you feel safe, and really do feel loved, for being yourself?

without feeling constrained or deprived.

In any situation, always look at both possible sides.

What will my life be like this way compared to if I make this decisions.

Every day, you are your own ethics professor,


you make the final call. 

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