Good Morning




The pews of memories

reminds you to forget yourself

Listen to the soul filming documentary

Showing you the picture of true love that you can fortell


You are never too old to change

Even if your heart tells you so

Today you start the compassion exchange

Lifting you to a higher place within your center

Let’s begin to enter


Self care

a spiritual journey

embrace the feeling in the air

Amnesia has faded you to feel unworthy

While tenderness has been waiting, it has always been there


The winds of re-claiming

surround a choir of song made just for you

singing the chance of light, opening a moment of cherish

Take it now, for as soon as it comes, memories will invade again soon


Every morning

you have the chance

to wash your face with love

cleaning the blemishes of regret

fly with it when compassion guides the dove


Suppression has never lead

to the veil of restoration

Concealing is in your head


Marry the clarity from the now

Feel the roses that walk you

Down the isle of forgiveness

Your prize is waiting straight ahead





Good morning to transformation

All it takes is a desire built foundation

Remember the little things of cooking, cleaning

They are not meant to distract, but to lead to an understanding

That you can love yourself

For through your hurt, you have survived

Now it is time to start being alive


Write it in your calendar

to never forget to love you

when others taught you

how to hide


@ Camile McGregor

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