Science of Music

You can even ask your Alex a or Google home to play “TIm McKamey!” I just asked my Alexa to play Tim McKamey and my father is now in my apartment through the speakers!!! It was so cool!!!

“Now that your heart has been broken,

Now that the devil has spoken

Reach down inside

You’ve got nothin’ to hide

Lightning and thunder will roar

Let the rain pour”-Tim McKamey

Please check out my fathers music, he has many cd’s for sale. He went to Cornish for music his entire life, and is a professional musician working in hospitals. But, he dosen’t have promotion! So, more people need to know about his CD below:

You can buy it digitally for only one dollar a song of link below!

Screenshot 2018-02-16 at 1.33.17 PM

Also check out his website he writes philosophy and science of music!

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