Rose Red


Rose red

too close, they said

loved you closterphobic

I held your pedals until they bled


Rose red

fragile, from you fled

trying to stop suffocation

but there was no air to breathe


Rose red

delicate spread of

flaunting your innocence

you grew the thorns from the buds bed


Rose red

endless instead

veins pumping red velvet

softer than you hide from inside


Rose red

pedals will drop

if you keep up this game

pretending you are a flower

when you are a heart, beating in pain



dont prick the unconscious

until your conscience unveils

rose red

speaking said


the stem of the red ground

birthplace of infatuation

creating rose red

fools led


will not prick your spine

unless you let it grow the roots

of rose red

a lovers deny


@ Camile McGregor


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