Tips From A Teacher-Marketing

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Tips From A Teacher

On Leadership Connection and Goals

Goal setting is like a mountain, you need to reach the top. But how? It’s the people that pull you up half the way. 


Goals are a Mountain to Climb

Yes, teaching is much like climbing a mountain, for every bucket of sweat you drip, 10 children pile on your back while you reach for the next rock to climb. You are so close, and it would be much easier to just drop the kids off your back and worry about the mountain itself. But, what kind of leader are you? Denying your own clients? We’re all children for sake!

This is in every way-Teaching. Much like in an sales position, when you never know what reaction a client will have, in teaching you never know when someone will throw their shoe at you. But, I’ve had many shoes thrown from just someone having a bad day. So, all people are people. You have to understand them for who they are. THEN- You can get down to the goals and standards.

Teaching is about understanding who your students really are, and working with them on a personal level.

Of course, you could like the tests they throw out at students every day, treat them just like another number on the chart. But, they, much like real customers in any business


How to Succeed Your Goals


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Goal Setting means looking at analysis of data: This doesn’t need to be numbers completely, but also responses from customers


It’s all about time setting and organization.

Learn how long a task takes you.

Understand where you are headed.

Understand the goals of the company.

Organize research and past analysis of data in order to make future interactions even better.

Always, always, take the word from the customer.

If your Social Media content is not getting people to like it, then why? Figure out which posts DO well, and continue using that image in future posts.

If your digital marketing website isn’t getting people to sign up for the newsletter: Could it be your layout?

Do a survey of your clients and see what they like best about your company. This can be done directly through an email survey, or by just occasionally asking your clients what made them so happy about this interaction.

LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE, they are the ones that will make things change


People=Your Brand

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Working with social media or digital marketing means understanding

Who Is US? 

What Do WE want?

What Do They want?

How do we Connect?


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What Will Make You Stand Out?

Think of your image, personality, demographics, and most importantly

How will this company change your life?

This means, How will this product or essay or business actually help the people?

Always Bring It Back To The People



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