Happiness was meant As a way of living It was meant as a way to keep thriving   We are not made to stay in a box We are made to explore The world and it's lot   It's not a sin for curiosity And with limited money You can find much that is free [...]


I plucked your flowers Every day till bare But a stem  Seeping in the night showers Thorns fare   Wilting in the field A hand found your roots Finding a healed Way to spruce   You are not dying Dear Dandelion You are merely  Stretching  Too far for your patch   But the boquet is [...]


Poetry about religion meaning compromise. Cement Hits you like a pastors serman on sunday night Cement hits you like A confession of closed in hail mary's where you never went to church   Cement hits you like A blessing of what the hell am I doing because  Religion was never my name But my soul [...]