The dancer can only  Play games for so long Until her back breaks from the shame   She started for love, passion and beauty Getting a life of lust  Rewinding movie   Time grows old  The minute she stepped on the stage And sold her soul to lust In youth   Instead of  Truth @ [...]


Dancing dolls Playing a game on her Strings pulling the truth Dropping into glass   They mock her For eternity Is calling In the black of night   Her heart  Was not made For this world   It is bigger Than the skys could tell Than the stars could speak   Than the ocean could [...]


Her mind speaks in a  Language Her heart does not hear Translation tangled And dissapeared   Art explodes from her hands and her mind But her heart is delayed in time   The words send the universe a Message Hear my need of  Expression   @ Camile McGregor

Her Heart

Her heart was Bursting for Compassion Releasing from Internal Passion of the self   Days turned years in Seconds When her heart was near the  Essence   She found joy was a  Mental heaven traveling towards the heart   Body and soul A piece of art   @ Camile McGregor


He rode a bicycle. She rode a unicycle, Taking journeys to the skys sun, He wore blue jeans, She bore boots, Because she just wanted to have fun. He limped every once in awhile, but he jumped right back up. She never guessed him for a minute, for his smile shined his heart right through [...]