Candy Land


This is draft one, I am still playing with the title and phrases, but I think I have a good first draft and a powerful message. Tell me your thoughts below.
Would it be better to make it all about Halloween trick or treat? Or more like candy land? Your advice is always helpful in a drafters poetic dream. 🙂


For tonight, 

Close your eyes and just feel

Because that is the first step to



Smiles at doorstep

An actor greater than her craft

Put on some makeup
And don’t forget to laugh


Seductive are the lies

That your 

brokennessSays defines you


For your abuser is more broken

Than when he started with you

Fault is not yours

Even though the words repeat


Obsessively you try to understand

Why you are not complete

Don’t say it’s okay

To put up with abuse


It takes more strength to leave

than to keeping putting up with their truth

But, from the beaten down believe

You don’t want to become them, too soon


Get out while you still can

And don’t let your freedom continue to control you

Someone started this pattern

And it’s not going to be you


The tricker is about to get treated

To a lifetime of regret

Because you don’t get defeated

From a costume of lunatics

Stepping at your door

Reaching out a hand


Asking for candy

They fill their bag with demand

Give back this play

And give up this game

For you won’t trick

Any longer

I ain’t no god-damn 

Candy Land

@ Camile McGregor

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