The Wooden Man


Drawing by Camille McGregor

This drawing was inspired by the many men in the world who seem so rock and hard in this life, when they have so much compassion to show. Many times masculinity makes the man hold in his traumas and fears, and makes him appear almost like a piece of wood.

When comfronted about his issues, he seems cold and distant. But, much like the tree next to him, he is not the origional green growing plant. Instead, he is this void of sadness that is waiting to be unfolded.

Eventually, a man needs to come to a place where he realizes that society has portrayed him in the wrong light. When we look at animals, their gender is not so seperated as we have created from human society. A man and a woman can be strong, but they can’t let it get to them until they break into pieces.

Remember we are all part of the growing tree, but we don’t need to become simply a piece of wood. 


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