“How many likes is my life worth?”


“I live on the east side of America, where we choose pride over character…I live on the west side of America where they spread lies into fairydust…Don’t believe the narcassism…Don’t make a mistake I live in a prison…Welcome to the Narcassism”.

-The Chainsmokers


Computer portal 

Commerce traffic

Technology immortal

We are photographic


Love becomes popularity

Accepted and wanted

Emotional polarity

Technology haunted


Automated press like

Turn the other cheek

Communicative dis-like

All making critiques


Are we users?

Or are we machines?

Evolving to a new level of viewers

Robotic vaccine


Love turned electric

Wire acceptance

Social Media Connected

Disconnected and Injected with



Some say it’s capitalism

Others say narcasissm


@ Camile McGregor

How do we get out of this disconnect from Social Media?

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