What does connection mean to you?

For all of you who are feeling lost, let this painting be a process as we learn about ourselves together through my drafts. On each draft, I will come to a new conclusion about the subject of connection and what it means to me and relation to the world. Let’s go through this journey together. How do you understand connection in relation to mental illness, or hardships in your life?

This is my first draft of my drawing called “Connection”. It is in pencil but I edited it so that you can see the lines better. 

To me, this piece is in efforts to bring more connection to myself. The circles and stairs represent the wholeness and continuing growth that I have been going through. Working on my art therapy in my own way, I see a great disconnect between people in this world. 

The main circles represent the source upon which connection comes from-Love. 

We cannot find it easily, and we search for it in desperation, relying on others to give us love, and giving us the need to be valued. But, while drawing this, I have come to the concluscion that love is not about others but about knowing yourself. 

That is easier said than done, and on many nights I lay awake thinking of my spirit, and how to connect best to myself. It is a lifelong goal, but writing poetry and learning more about who I am has brought me to this place.


Feel free to comment your ideas, quotes, or inspiration pictures or stories related to the topic of “connection”. 

10 thoughts on “Connection

  1. The drawing is remarkable… Our minds can be labyrinthine, yes… and same applies to connections, involving both, ourselves and others … And particularly with your statement: ” Love is not about others but about knowing yourself”: So true. The Ancient Greeks had the motto “Know Thyslef” wriiten in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, BTW 😉
    Sending love & best wishes 🙂

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