Dreams Will Dream

Cosmic cavity of visions

Tip the hourglass of caligraphy

Writing the art of untold windows pressured fission

Sphering  perception, and dancing coreography 


The world is changing 

Through Caverns of  commet collections

Memories rearranging

Through tunnels of connected directions


Catacomb of cock-eyed tales

Chamber of cascading cheecks

Mind shelter, set sail

Coverted, and climbing peaks


Past will collide

In chazms-with a click!

Your cracks and conjoinings-your guide

Time is checking you-tick


In the watching hour

Countries  halt the regime

Coupling the clouds in the thought tower

And joining in the new year dream


-Poem by Camile McGregor

Painting by-“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Digital Art by Christian Schloe

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