The Woman in Blue

The Woman In Blue-Camile McGregor

Painting of acrylic 

She’s unknown

Solitude of light

She walks in wonder

On this rainy, rainy night
She’s wondering

Of a future-bright?

Her cold eyes linger

On this rainy, rainy night


City streets of acrylic

Sky filled with blue

The wind rushes ocre crystals

of winter coming soon.

-Camile McGrecor

10 thoughts on “The Woman in Blue

      1. Years ago, I wanted to be a children’s poetry author. I wanted to write demented little poems for kids to enjoy in the same vein as Shell Silverstein. My name pseudonym was going to be Grumpy Gorman… so it just stuck when I started to write other things. Besides, much of my writing has a dire, or dreary tinge to it..don’t you agree?

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