The Flower-Acrylic

What is your art process? What do find the best way for you to art? 

Here is a painting i did today of acrylic. While painting I listen to instrumental music that guides my emotion. This is what guides me through this painting. 

Step 1

: Ouline and observe real life. See what colors feel right. Outline in on pencil for detail and accuracy

Step 2: 

Play with colors and the mixing pallet. Use a fine tip brush for the outside and a thick too for the inside. Let it dry. Come back and paint over the same colors for a better coat.

Step 3: 

Add detail more coats more observations and new colors.

Step 4: 

Add the finishing touches.

Tell me what you do when you art!

6 thoughts on “The Flower-Acrylic

  1. I love these! I often pace and blast pre-made song lists.. the music dictates what I end up painting oddly enough… same with writing actually. Always dim lighting, at night.. I never day art, though I could try it sometime… I day write, but never day paint. Anyway, here’s my blabbidy blah… you asked 😉

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